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About Us

The World Public Health Nutrition Association.

The World Public Health Nutrition Association is an individual membership organisation. Membership is open to anybody who supports, and is committed to, the aims and purpose of the Association. The Association also provides a professional certification scheme for members who work in public health nutrition.

Our members, from more than 65 countries, form a global network and have created a dynamic forum to exchange views to support each other in our work. We welcome members at all stages in their careers, and from all parts of the world.


  • Advocate at local, national, and international level to promote our purpose.
  • Provide leadership and scholarship to strengthen the evidence base for effective action.
  • Work to strengthen the capacity for action by working with partners to build the system and structure in which a well-trained workforce can operate. That includes:

a. leading on workforce development in public health nutrition;
b. running a professional certification scheme to assure quality for professional public health nutrition; and
c. running a course accreditation scheme to assure the quality of training.

  • Work with partners to support the effective development and delivery of policies and programmes that will promote better public health nutrition.Provide a forum for the discussion by running:

d. an active website and newsletter;
e. an international journal devoted to discussion and debate;
f. meetings, conferences and other related activities.

 We affirm that good health is a human right, and we follow ethical principles, including those of transparency, equity and respect.

If you want to help us achieve our aims, become an active member.


Our overall purpose is to bring together people with a common interest in promoting and improving public health nutrition and to be a professional voice for public health nutrition internationally. We do that in order to:

  • further the mission of public health nutrition, to prevent disease, and to promote well-being;
  • build our professional capacity and to represent the interests of our and allied professions.

We recognise that better global well being will only be achieved by working in partnership with those committed to a population approach to the prevention of problems before they arise. With our members, we encourage policy-makers and decision takers, at all levels from global to local, to promote equitable and sustainable access to adequate, enjoyable, appropriate and nourishing food. This is essential for population health and well-being, and also for social, cultural and economic integrity, and to conserve the living and physical world.

As professionals we need to be trained, mentored and supported throughout our careers. We work to ensure a well trained, resourced and organised profession, aware of the environmental, social, political and economic as well as the biological and personal determinants of disease, health and well-being, and what these imply for research, advocacy, policy, and action.

We are also committed to advocacy and action reliably based on evidence. We work to ensure that in all possible circumstances, adequate nourishing food is available to and affordable by all.


The bodies of the Association are the Membership, the Executive Committee (EC) and the Advisory Council (AC).

The Membership is the ultimate decision-making body of the Association. Our members are from all continents and are committed to progressing with our mission.

The Executive Committee is composed of Association members elected by popular vote. Elected EC members exercise day-to-day responsibility of the work of the Association, with each EC member responsible for one core area of activity, as well as collectively being responsible for the decisions of the EC. Each member of the Executive Committee is elected with a specific secretarial role as outline below.

President (2017 – 2020)
Magaret Miller
Magaret Miller

EC members elected for the 2017-2020 term

General Secretary
Elisabeth Sterken
Elisabeth Sterken

Regina Keith
Regina Keith

External affairs secretary
Claudio Schuftan


Membership secretary
Sara Garduño Díaz
Sara Garduño Díaz

Regional Secretary for Africa
Linda K. Ethangatta

Conferences secretary
Jessa Kristine Pis-an
Jessa Pis-An

Communications secretary
Angela Carriedo
Angela Carriedo

Professional affairs secretary

Publications secretary
Ted Greiner
Ted Greiner

Policy and Projects director
Olivia Yambi
Olivia Yambi

Website and social media

Website and social media
Raluca Cecilia Mihalache
Brooke Aksnes, Isabela Sattamini, Angela Carriedo

World Nutrition

Publishing and editorial board
Ted Greiner (Editor in Chief), George Kent (Deputy Editor)

WPHNA was created at a critical time in history, when the need for collective action in the public interest is most urgent and pressing in order to promote and strengthen public health nutrition, as a profession and discipline with responsibility to understand, protect and improve nutrition-related population health and well-being.

The need for the Association was agreed at the first World Public Health Nutrition Congress held in Barcelona in 2006, when the first one hundred founder members from forty countries were nominated.

Formally incorporated and inaugurated in May 2008, the Association is currently a registered charity in the United Kingdom, and is affiliated with the International Union of Nutritional Sciences.

Our former governing body, the Association Council, was composed of:

Former President


Fabio Gomes

(2008 – 2015)
Barrie Margetts

Former Council Members (2008 – 2012)
Agneta Yngve
Carlos Monteiro
Fabio Gomes
Geoffrey Cannon
Harriet Kuhnlein
Maria Daniel Vaz de Almeida
Mark Lawrence
Nahla Hwalla
Philip James
Reggie Annan
Roger Hughes
Roger Shrimpton
Sabrina Ionata Granheim
Urban Jonsson