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The People’s Uni Initiative is looking for PHN tutors

The People’s Open Access Education Initiative (Peoples-uni) was established in 2007 to help build Public Health capacity in low- to middle-income countries. Using online delivery through the Internet, they have been able to assemble an international faculty of Public Health academics and practitioners, and offer a Certificate, Diploma and Masters of Public Health. The courses comprise a number of modules which cover both the foundations of Public Health and a number of Public Health problems facing populations in developing countries.

Education is based on high quality materials published online and placed into

the Peoples-uni tried and tested educational online platform. This, in combination with the work of a volunteer faculty, allows learning modules to be developed and delivered at a very low cost. Students have come from over 40 countries, and each semester has around 250 students enrolled.

Accreditation and endorsement

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has validated the programme, and students can gain an MPH from MMU on the basis of study through the Peoples-uni. Further accreditation discussions are under way with a number of organisations including the UK Faculty of Public Health. People-uni is a registered charity in the UK and has been endorsed by the UK Royal Society for Public Health.

Public Health Nutrition

Public Health Nutrition is a key module in Peoples-uni, aiming to provide information to enable students to understand key nutrition issues and then integrate this knowledge into devising evidence-based nutrition interventions and evidence-based policies that meet the health and nutrition needs of vulnerable communities in developing country settings.

Students: how to apply?

As this is a graduate programme, candidates should have a prior university degree or extensive professional experience. For details on how to apply, visit

the website http://peoples-uni.org and complete the registration form online. Semesters lasts for 15

weeks, and enrollment happens in April and September of each year.

Fees: Fees are £30 per module. The cost of a Diploma (6 modules) is thus £180, and the Master of Public Health (MPH) is gained by adding a Dissertation to these 6 modules, so the total cost is $270. To register for the Manchester Metropolitan University MPH, the fee is £1500.

New tutors are welcome

Peoples-uni’s work is powered by an international volunteer faculty, that includes more than 100 academics and Public Health professionals from 20 countries. They are currently looking for more tutors in Public Health Nutrition to review the existing module and to help facilitating the discussion on the online-based learning platform. Volunteers receive a certificate at the end of each semester and gain valuable teaching and planning experience.

If you would like to get involved, contact Professor Richard Heller at rfheller@peoples-uni.org.

There is no deadline for application.

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