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UPDATED: Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger visit the World Health Assembly

Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger will make an appearance at the sixty-sixth session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva. This Monday

20th of May campaigners dressed as the mascots of the international fast food chain McDonald’s and the breakfast cereal Frosted Flakes from Kellogg’s will gather to raise awareness for the dangers of marketing of unhealthy foods to children and to call for a complete ban of such actions. They will be outside the headquarters of the World Health Organization from 8-8.30am and in front of the Palais des Nations from 9-10am.

Since they will no longer be needed when advertising for children is banned, Ronald and Tony will be handing out their CVs to WHA delegates in hope to get a new job. Delegates and members of the public are invited to suggest new jobs for Tony and Ronald via Twitter using #jobs4RonandTony

This campaign is being organised by Consumers International (CI), the global voice for consumers and El Poder del Consumidor, a Mexican consumer organisation. The campaign is calling for countries to ban the marketing of food high in fat, sugar and salt to children.

For more information, read the CI Press Release here or contact Anna Glayzer (Consumers International) at +44 79 584 25 622 or Barbara Pfenniger (Consumer Federation Romande) at 021 331 00 90.


Pictures of the campaigners are now available!

OMS_ malbouffe_McDonald’s et de Kellogg’s

OMS_ malbouffe_McDonald’s et de Kellogg’s

OMS_ malbouffe_McDonald’s et de Kellogg’s

Keep suggesting jobs for Ronald and Tony on Twitter at #jobs4RonandTony

For more information, visit Consumer’s International website.

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