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PRESS RELEASE: Panamanian Association of Dieticians/ Nutritionists calls for nutrition labelling in Panama

The XVII Congress of the Latin American Society of Nutrition (SLAN 2015) is being held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, from 8 to 12 November 2015. The Panamanian Association of Dietitians/Nutritionists (APND) is taking this opportunity to raise awareness for the need of regulation on nutrition labelling in Panama. The country still faces challenges due to the lack of norms and standards on nutrition labelling in the back of packages. Labelling is not standardised in format, content, nor even in language (many different languages can be found, from English to Arab and Mandarin).

APND is taking this message to SLAN 2015, and calls for support from international organizations to ensure that the country adopts standards for nutrition labelling in accordance with Codex Alimentarius guidelines.

(In Spanish)



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