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Petition for a simple nutrition labeling in France

A petition for a simple nutrition labeling on the front face of the food packaging has

been launched by a wide coalition of civil society (i.e. health care professionals , consumers and patients’ associations, public health experts).

France as in many industrialized countries faces an epidemic of overweight, obesity and chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease) for which nutritional factors are important determinants. Public policy should seek to improve not only the individual determinants of dietary behavior and physical activity, but also their environmental determinants and in particular consumer information on nutritional quality.

The petition asks the French government to implement a scale for nutritional quality on the front of food packages which is simple, intuitive, standardised and understandable (referring to 5 color model by Professor Serge Hercberg in his report to the Ministry of Health “Proposals to boost the French nutritional policy in the field of chronic disease prevention via nutrition.”, January 28th, 2014). This scale is based on a score calculated of nutritional quality content from a public health point of view (calories, simple sugars, saturated fats, salt, fiber, fruits and vegetables, proteins). This score will easily classify foods into 5 classes on the color scale (Green – Yellow – Orange – Pink Fuschia – Red), coupled with letters (A / B / C / D / E) to ensure greater readability.

If you would like to support the petition for better labeling please follow the link: http://www.sfsp.fr/petitions/signer.php?cid=7

Société française de santé publique
Pierre Lombrail, Président : pierre.lombrail@univ-paris13.fr
Yves Charpak, Vice-Président : yves@charpak.com

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