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Our new governing document: results from the membership consultation

Earlier this year, we conducted a membership consultation regarding the move of the Association as a registered charity in the UK, and the contents of our new governing document. We have updated our governing document because our original constitution was incorporated in Austria, which was where two of our original governing body resided. This created a very difficult language barrier for the Executive Committee to conduct the Association’s business, and the best option identified was to ensure that all documents and procedures occurred in English. Also, the status as a charity will enable the Association to apply for tax exemption, and our objectives are aligned with providing benefit to the public as charities do.

On February 18, a questionnaire was sent to all fully paid-up WPHNA members for the years 2013 and 2014, with two questions:

  1. Do you endorse the move of WPHNA as a charitiy in the UK?
  2. Do you endorse the governing document circulated?

Reminders were sent in March 6 and March 10, and in total 40.8% of members responded the consultation (excluding invalid votes due to, for instance, incomplete questionnaires). Regarding the move of the Association as a charity in the UK, 95.31% of voting members were in favour. Regarding the new governing document, again 95.31% were in favour and approved the draft.

Comments were received through the comments field in the online survey, and also via email. Those were taken into account to produce a final version of the document, which will now be submitted to the UK authorities.

We will keep our members informed about this process, but please let us know if you have any queries by contacting us at secretariat@wphna.org. If you feel you should have participated in this consultation but did not receive any emails with instructions on how to vote, it may be the case that you have not renewed your membership in a while. We recommend you send an email to membership@wphna.org to check your status, or renew your membership here to participate in future occasions.

You may also have seen that we are having elections this year. We invited all association members to consider taking an active role in the Executive Committee. More information on how to send your application to be considered as a candidate can be found here.

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