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Online discussion: Social protection to protect and promote nutrition


Source: FAO

In preparation for the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) in November 2014, the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition is promoting an online discussion on “Social protection to protect and promote nutrition”, to explore how the most disadvantaged and nutritionally vulnerable groups of society can be protected by an inclusive development process through the design and implementation of nutrition-enhancing social policies and social protection interventions.

They have released a concept paper, and are inviting comments on it as well as sharing of experiences and views on the area. They have proposed the following questions for discussion:


  • What are the main issues for policy-makers to consider in the design, formulation and implementation of nutrition-enhancing social protection measures?
  • What are the key institutional and governance challenges to the delivery of cross-sectoral and comprehensive social protection policies that protect and promote nutrition of the most vulnerable?
  • In your experience, what are key best-practices and lessons-learned in fostering cross-sectoral linkages to enhance malnutrition and poverty reduction through social protection?

The discussion is open until 24 June 2013 and you can participate at http://www.fao.org/fsnforum/

The outcomes will be used to enrich the discussions at the preparatory technical meeting on 13-15 November 2013 and feed into and inform the main high level ICN2 event in 2014.


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