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Capacity building has been a major pre-occupation of the Association’s leadership since 2006, when the Association was formed after the Barcelona World Public Health Nutrition Congress. Since then, a strong collaborative process took place to empower public health nutrition as a profession, including two workshops in the Porto 2010and Rio2012 congresses, as well published papers on competency standards and capacity development. Internationally there has been a growing recognition of the benefits of an independent professional certification scheme to establish and assure professional standards in public health nutrition.

As a result, we are now launching our CERTIFICATION SCHEME. This is a practitioner certification system, part of the Association’s commitment to, and responsibility for, assisting the professionalization of the public health nutrition workforce worldwide. Professional recognition is a primary objective of the certification system,

and successful applicants will be able to use the title “Certified Public Health Nutritionist” and the post-nominals “cPHN”.

The WPHNA’s certification system is based on the following principles and processes:

  • It focuses on an individuals’ demonstrated competency to practice in public health nutrition across settings and jurisdictions;
  • It requires applicants to present the case and evidence that they meet the competency expectations of the WPHNA;
  • Assessment is based on peer-review of applications using the WPHNA competency standards as the assessment framework.

According to Association President Barrie Margetts, the launch of the certification scheme is a major step forward for the Association. It reinforces our commitment to our role as a professional body, as well as our role in advocacy and strengthening the evidence base for action. “We believe that by certifying practitioners in a robust and independent way we will be helping governments and other agencies to identify people who are able to help them deliver their commitments to improving nutrition in the population”, says Dr. Margetts.

For Association Secretary responsible for Professional Affairs and the Certification Schemes Registrar Roger Hughes, this certification system is designed to enable international recognition for public health nutritionists, it helps define what public health nutritionists can do, and should elevate a broader understanding of the value of public health nutritionists as a special part of the public health workforce worldwide. He says that “it also encourages us as practitioners of this discipline to reflect on and demonstrate our competence to practice, and in the process, make a conscious effort to self improve. This is a defining feature of being professional, and being more effective”.


How to apply?

For more detailed information about how the certification scheme works, visit our Certification page.

Applications are accepted all year long, and to apply you must be a member of WPHNA. You should send your curriculum vitae and the completed statement template to the Certification Schemes Registrar via email. Once received, the application will be processed and you will receive instructions for payment of the

certification fee. The current fee for certification is 100 Euro per year for applicants from high income countries, and 60 Euro per year for applicants from low and middle income countries. Fees can be paid annually along

with WPHNA membership renewal fees, or you can choose to pay for a 5-year certification.

Go to the Applications page.


Certification reviewers

We are recruiting certification reviewers to participate in the certification scheme process. More details will be posted shortly, but you can already indicate your interest by sending an email to Roger Hughes at rohughes@bond.edu.au.

If you need further information about the Certification Scheme, contact us.

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