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Food Revolution Day: 17 May

It happened in May last year for the first time, and this year it is happening again: the 17th of May is Food Revolution Day. It is a worldwide campaign organized by the British chef and worldwide celebrity Jamie Oliver and some charitable/non-profit organizations associated with (or created by) him.

The idea is simple: let’s all take a day to think about what we eat, connect with our food, know more about it and share it with others around us, remembering that eating is one of our most important social activities.

With the motto cook it, share it, live it, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of good food and better food education for people at all ages, everywhere in the globe. And cooking, they say, is the most important step towards better food education.

Schools, communities, workplaces and households are being motivated to host their own events in celebration of this day. If you would like to know which events are happening close to where you are, you can do an online search here. Events involve cooking classes, sharing of creative (for example vegan) and traditional recipes, farmers market tours, fundraisers, food festivals, organic farming fairs, street parties, food-related clubs and much more.

For more information visit their official website at http://foodrevolutionday.com/ and the Food Revolution community on Facebook.

Are you organizing a Food Revolution Day event? Tweet about it! #FRD2013


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