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Call for contributions: open until 15 August

The United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) has just published a call for contributions for the next issue of its peer reviewed publication, the SCN News.

The SCN News 40 will focus on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems, to contribute to a better understanding of how agriculture and food systems impact nutrition outcomes and to identify whether and how these systems can be modified to better meet nutrition goals. What can be done in practice? How should it be done in different development contexts?

Contributions are welcome in the following categories:

Feature articles: 3,000 words articles related to the general topic of the publication, in this case nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems. The articles will be submitted to peer review, and can include conceptual contributions or practical examples of policies and programmes.

Programme News: 400 words briefs with information from partners and agencies on programme developments, such as initiatives at regional or national level, NGO programmes, new tools to be used in nutrition programmes, etc. Abstracts of scientific papers are not accepted.

Publications: recent publications of relevance to nutrition, including manuals, tools and guidelines that are usually not found in regular book stores. Max. 200 words per submission.

Bulletin Board: announcements of upcoming meetings, conferences, trainings, scholarships, etc.

Max. 100 words per submission.

Speaker’s Corner: 1.500 words articles with the authors’ views regarding a particular topic in nutrition policy or programme. The section sometimes features a counterpoint by another author holding an opposite opinion to stimulate debate on important issues.

Case examples: 800 words case examples of innovative, sector-wide, comprehensive approaches to making agriculture / food systems more nutrition-sensitive. The contributions should focus on initiatives below the national level (e.g. city or department level) that have been systematically assessed, and should include lessons learned.

Contributions are accepted until 15 August 2013. For more information, please contact the SCN News Editor directly at scn@who.int or visit the UNSCN website.


Previous issues of the SCN News include:

(2011) SCN News 39: Nutrition and Business: How to engage? (PDF)
(2010) SCN News 38: Climate Change: Food and Nutrition Security Implications (PDF)
(2009) SCN News 37: Landscape Analysis on Countries’ Readiness to Accelerate Action in Nutrition (PDF)
(2008) SCN News 36: Accelerating the Reduction of Maternal and Child Undernutrition (PDF)

For the complete series since 1988, access the SCN News archives.

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